Poetry versus Rap

Image by Pezo Johnson

Did Shakespeare carry the modern day ‘gat’?

Thou his bullet formed words burst peoples minds.

Thus he wants to part from her but can’t see the signs.

She said, “Clench your hands between my fingers and unleash the river flowing from your hands.

Now touch, tickle and squeeze…now pull the trigger.”

Suddenly, he’s more than ready to go out on the kill.

With literal strategies to grab one by the throat,

And be worthy of his blood splattered work of art,

Of divine bullets and rusty metal,

Which pierce the hand leg arm, eyes liver tongue, kidney lung diaphragm,


Now Poetry is formed… then Rap learns from this.

To become the complete opposite of this.

To inspire the users of the ball point – fountain mark pens.

So they can bleed, through the minds own way of thinking.

But using metaphors which don’t encourage wrongly morals,

Just creativity and trust, a mind blowing temptation of survival of the fittest,

For ways to get one’s ‘gwap’ up, is nothing but modelling your identity with success.

So I assume Langston and Wordsworth should agree.

Now William finds the other half of his name.

And substitutes the ‘gat’ for a feather of fully blossomed ink,

Naturally produced it self, through continuous scribbling, so it never dies.

Through the work of Poetry and struggling survival of Rap.

Shall the pen still live on?

For the continuing question to be answered; who wins…

Poetry or Rap?

Written by Mohamed Mohamed

Mo’Rhymes Poetry 2009 © All rights reserved.